Monday, October 1, 2012

Odontophobia...OH NO!

So I have been having this hellacious pain on the right side of my mouth for the past few days. I can't touch my teeth together and I can't touch the outside of my cheek. So tomorrow it's off to the dentist I go.

I, like many of you I'm sure, have a serious fear of the dentist. I'll tell you my story:

Five years ago, I was  planning a wedding and trying to get all my medical visits up to date while still under my parents insurance. I went to the dentist I would normally see and upon entering I'm told, "Dr. L retired you are seeing Dr. N today." Ok that's fine, weird that they didn't tell me when I made the appointment, but fine. After Xrays and the other routine junk I'm told ALL my old fillings have to be replaced AND I have THREE new cavities! I was in shock because I was very meticulous about brushing my teeth and had been cavity free for many years. So in December of 2007 I had 8 teeth on the right side of my mouth worked on. I was in the chair for 5 hours and had at least 8 shots of lidocaine. When the numbness wore off I had intense pain. I had to take Percocet for a month. (I had my appendix taken out and didn't even have take any of the strong stuff...WTF). I was in severe pain for several months following that procedure. I was scheduled to go back in January 2008 to get the left side of my mouth worked on but at that point I said HELL NO!

I got a copy of my Xrays and records and had 2 second opinions both of which told me I didn't need to have any of my fillings replaced and I had NO new cavities. On top of that, this dentist office had maxed out my yearly coverage for 2007 TO THE DOLLAR! And I'm sure would have maxed out my coverage for 2008 had I let them. I was in pain for months for nothing!!!

So long story short, I'm scared shitless of the dentist! I have serious anxiety about tomorrow's visit. The last time I saw him I had a full blown panic attack, tears and hyperventilating included. Geez this is going to suck!

So because I can't touch my teeth together and it's excruciating to eat anything on the right side of my mouth I'm having mashed potatoes and gravy and a milkshake for dinner tonight. Don't judge me, my face hurts! I also missed my workout because the thought of bouncing up and down at Zumba makes me nauseous. I'll just have to work out extra hard the rest of this week.

Any extra prayers or good juju you can send my way would be muy apreciado!

Love - KL

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  1. Kim, I feel the same way about dentist!! I even HATE getting my teeth cleaned! My dentist trauma is from a childhood where I not only had numerous non-permanent teeth pulled, but latter developed cavities and had to get fillings. Seems like I was always at the dentist for some reason from ages 6-12, even though my mom made sure I brushed my teeth every morning and every night. I often wondered , as an adult, if they weren't guilty of the same thing. I felt very bad for you while reading your post. I hope everything is OK with your teeth nowadays! Btw, your Pissed Off Workout List is great. Lisa T. from Va beach, VA