Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend craziness

Another busy weekend for the Lunday household:

Saturday Aaron's cousin Jon got married. It was an outdoor ceremony that got pushed indoors b/c of rain. It was still beautiful and we got to visit with A's fam.  Here's a pic of A and the groom. BTW the wedding was at his wife's house and let me just say...I want!

This morning we stopped in and saw A's sweet grandma. We hadn't seen her in almost a year. She didn't remember me at first. I guess she thought A kicked me to the curb and picked him up a new woman :) But at the end she told me I needed to bleach my hair again so she would recognize me.

Speaking of hair, I got my hair did on Thursday. Dyed it super dark and had bangs cut. My hair lady is the shiz seriously. I call her and she gets me in super quickly. If you need a good hairdresser in this area personal message me for her info! Here's a pic:

 I'm scared to weigh in this week. I ate horribly over the weekend. We were on the road and ate a bunch of fast food plus wedding cake plus an open bar with plenty of yummy wine! Tomorrow I'm kicking it in to high gear. A is planning to diet a bit as well. He has been lifting hardcore for several months now and he's wanting to kick his protein intake in to gear. I'll let you know how it goes!

BTW if you like my blog and want to share it with your friends, please do. The more people to see, the more people to keep my accountable!

Have a fantabulous week! Love KL

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