Sunday, October 21, 2012

Recoup and Regroup

So you may have noticed that I haven't posted in a while. Well I have been disgusted and depressed. My Wednesday weigh-in didn't go so well this week. I actually gained the 4lbs I had lost back. I had a very emotionally stressful few days, I didn't sleep more than about 4 hours per night, and I worked my butt off. I did my runs but other than that I was basically worthless. This has happened so often in my life and this is the point where I usually say F it!

After some self reflection I have decided that I am one of those people who find comfort in food. I immensely enjoy eating; however I KNOW I can make better choicese and still enjoy what I'm eating. Right? My goal is to find easy to fix, yummy, healthy foods. UGH!

So after a few days of moping and being down about things. I am regrouping. I recognize the cycle and I know how to break it. I am smart and I have the tools I need to be healthier. I have decided to kick it back in to gear and not just give in like I would have in the past. As of today I have lost 2 of the lbs I gained back. I'm going to try hard not this sh*t get me down! 

On a positive note I had a great weekend! I spent Friday night with some awesome friends! Saturday I spent time with my family and made a bunch of stuff to enter in to a craft fair Dec 1st. And today has been all about football! Also the STL CARDINALS play at 6:30 tonight and I can't wait to see them kick some Giant a$$ and make it in to the world series again!

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Letter block for the craft fair! 

My crazy cool friends
My sweet sister

Later everyone! I have to go make a C25K run my b*tch! Have a great week and I promise I'll be better!

Love Lunday

Monday, October 15, 2012

Counting Calories and C25K

As you know, I've been doing couch to 5K. I think it is really working. Each week I think, "Holy sh*t I can't do this," and by the end of the week I'm thinking, "I'm making this run my b*tch!!" It keeps you in one place just long enough for you to get used to it but not quite long enough to get comfortable.

I have been counting my calories every day. I've been trying to eat 1200-1300 calories and trying to burn at least 500 calories above and beyond my normal activities. I've found it somewhat difficult to keep track of the calories when doing C25K because you have to figure out how long you've ran and how long you've walked. I figured if I'm having this problem, many of you might be having this problem as well. SOOOOOO I broke it down for you. Your welcome!

Below is the C25k plan I've been following and the calories burned each day. This is based on a 175 lb female. The walk speed is 3.5 miles per hour (17 min mile) and the run speed is 6.0 miles per hour (10 min mile). Each week you perform the combination of activities on 3 different days. The calories listed are for each day's walk/run. I suggest a rest break in between.

Week 1:
5 min warm-up walk
Alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes
5 min cool down walk
Calories: 294

Week 2:
5 min warm-up walk
Alternate 90 sec jogging and 2 min walking for 20 min
5 min cool down walk
Calories: 328

Week 3:
5 min warm-up walk
2 reps of: 90 sec jog, 90 sec walk, 3 min jog, 3 min walk
5 min cool down walk
Calories: 292

Week 4:
5 min warm-up walk
3 min jog, 90 sec walk, 5 min jog, 2.5 min walk, 3 min jog, 90 sec walk, 5 min jog
5 min cool down
Calories: 394

Week 5:
5 min warm-up walk
5 min jog, 3 min walk, 5 min jog, 3 min walk, 5 min jog
5 min cool down walk
Calories: 379

Week 6:
5 min warm-up walk
5 min jog, 3 min walk, 8 min jog, 3 min walk, 5 min jog
5 min cool down walk
Calories: 433

Week 7:
5 min warm-up walk
2.5 mile run (about 25 min)
5 min cool down walk
calories: 518

Week 8:
5 min warm-up walk
2.75 mile run (about 28 min)
5 min cool down walk
Calories 572

Week 9:
5 min warm-up walk
3 mile run (about 30 min)
5 min cool down walk
Calories: 608

I HIGHLY suggest using the C25K app. It tells you exactly when to run and when to walk so you don't have to keep track of it yourself. If you are a treadmill runner, print off the above workout list and take it with you to the gym. It is VERY easy to get confused especially weeks 3-6.

It's fall in the Ozarks and it is absolutely beautiful here! I had the most amazing scenery on my run tonight. Check out this awesome tree. Hey now...I took this pic during my cool down...don't worry I wasn't slacking :)

Also check out my sweetazz socks! I am obsessed with the crazy random colors. Hey if I'm going to be running my ass off literally I'm gonna wear some fun shit! 

Hope you have a great week!!!

Love - KL

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Playa's gonna play

Today I finished another week of C25K. I actually felt really good today. Previously when it was time to walk, I was thanking the lord above that I didn't have to run another step, but today I felt like I could go further. I ended up completing 2.25 miles in 30 minutes.

It was actually pretty chilly here today. It was a solid 54 degrees outside today during my run. I did get to break out some cute workout clothes though. I love love love the compression capris from target. Because seriously who wants their thighs slapping together for 2 miles?? You know what I'm talking about.  I also really like Old Navy's GoDry tees. The long sleeves keep you warm but they are lightweight enough not to be annoying. I figure, if I'm going to be out there kicking my own ass, it might as well look good while I'm doing it!
C9 by Champion® Womens Running Capri Pants - Assorted Colors Women's Active GoDRY Tees

Also my friends and I are completely in to this card game called Magic The Gathering. If I thought you were going to judge me before now I should be really worried. It's dorky I know but we love it! It's a smart person's game! My friend and I are the only girls who play at this local shop so we are totally underestimated but we kick ass! We played tonight and A and I were both undefeated! Go us! Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure!

That's all for tonight. Look out for a guest post in the very near future!!

Love - KL

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pissed Off Workout Playlist

I'm not pretending that I love running...because sometimes I really hate it. But then there are those times that running or busting your ass in the gym helps blow off the frustration and anger of the days events. Sometimes I like songs that are fun, upbeat, and make you feel good. And then there are days like today, when I'm pissed off, and all I want to do is scream! So when I can't tell off that b*tch who ruined my day, I put in my headphones and make my muscles scream instead. 

Here is my pissed off workout playlist. I'll warn you, I have an eclectic taste in music and this is definitely a girl's playlist because I am in fact a girl.  

1. Fighter by Christina Aguilera
2. Stupify by Disturbed
3. Bulletproof by La Roux
4. Just Fine by Bomshel
5. Dragula by Rob Zombie
6 .Blow Me (One Last Kiss) by P!nk
7. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson
8. Rolling in the Deep by Adele
9. Enter Sandman by Metallica
10. You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette
11. Lose Yourself by Eminem
12. Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit
13. So What by P!nk
14. Here I Come by The Roots
15. Riot by Three Days Grace
16. Tubthumping by Chumbawamba
17. All American Nightmare by Hinder
18. Push by Matchbox Twenty
19. Fastest Girl In Town by Miranda Lambert
20. In the End by Linkin Park

Enjoy! Love - KL

Wednesday Weigh-In

Hey Hey Hey! So it's Wednesday and I must say I was dreading weighing in this morning. I was terrible this weekend and who can blame me...I mean seriously there was wedding cake and did I mention free wine?? I stepped on to the scale this morning w/ my eyes closed praying it wouldn't say too much of a gain. Lucky me no change from last week!!! Better than a gain right. So as of right now I weigh 176.

Ok I have a complaint - Khaki pants are seriously the hardest of all pants to find. They are the perfect paint color, the house that is both affordable and huge, and the multimillion dollar job that requires you to do nothing of the pants world! Listen here's the thing...I have big thighs and hips. My waist not so much. This is how my body is and has always been even when I was skinny. AND I'm pretty sure that is the way a woman's body is supposed to be...but I digress...  So to find a pant that fits me in the legs means major gapping in the waist. Yesterday I wore khaki pants to work and by the end of the day they had stretched so bad I had front butt. You know what I'm talking about. The crotch was so freaking baggy I could have smuggled a small animal in there. SOOO if anyone out in the blogging world knows of any khaki pants that fit real people, send me a message!

Here's a random picture for your viewing pleasure of my "kids":

Hope your week is fabulous! Love - KL

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend craziness

Another busy weekend for the Lunday household:

Saturday Aaron's cousin Jon got married. It was an outdoor ceremony that got pushed indoors b/c of rain. It was still beautiful and we got to visit with A's fam.  Here's a pic of A and the groom. BTW the wedding was at his wife's house and let me just say...I want!

This morning we stopped in and saw A's sweet grandma. We hadn't seen her in almost a year. She didn't remember me at first. I guess she thought A kicked me to the curb and picked him up a new woman :) But at the end she told me I needed to bleach my hair again so she would recognize me.

Speaking of hair, I got my hair did on Thursday. Dyed it super dark and had bangs cut. My hair lady is the shiz seriously. I call her and she gets me in super quickly. If you need a good hairdresser in this area personal message me for her info! Here's a pic:

 I'm scared to weigh in this week. I ate horribly over the weekend. We were on the road and ate a bunch of fast food plus wedding cake plus an open bar with plenty of yummy wine! Tomorrow I'm kicking it in to high gear. A is planning to diet a bit as well. He has been lifting hardcore for several months now and he's wanting to kick his protein intake in to gear. I'll let you know how it goes!

BTW if you like my blog and want to share it with your friends, please do. The more people to see, the more people to keep my accountable!

Have a fantabulous week! Love KL

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wednesday weigh-in on Thursday whoops!

Hey blogging world...So I've been a smidge busy and forgot to post yesterday...sue me. My weight yesterday was 176lbs. I lost 2 more lbs this week. YAY go me!

So update about the teeth: I ended up having an abscess which required a root canal. I had never had one before and was scared to death as I explained last post. I had laughing gas for the first time which I do think helped. I felt calm and relaxed! My dentist sent me to an endodontist to have the procedure done. When I got there, I noticed their shirts said, "Not all root canals are created equal." I decided if they had a sense of humor about it I was going to try to as well, even though I wanted to b*tch slap anyone who came within a foot of my mouth. The best part about the whole thing was they had a TV on the ceiling and they gave me headphones which I turned up as loud as I could. One of the worst things about the dentist is the freaking sounds!!! I am always afraid their going to start drilling and just keep going up through my head. The headphones definitely helped the sound. Long story short, it wasn't too bad of an experience but it I still don't like the dentist.

Anywho...I tried a new workout class tonight. It was a bootcamp class at our local Y. I thought I was going to die when the lady said, "Alright 1 mile run to warm-up." I was like Oh shit I should leave now. But I stayed and stuck it out. After that I think we did at least 5000 jumping jacks and a bunch of body weight strengthening activities like planks, squats, crunches, etc. BTW - Did you know it takes 1000 jumping jacks to burn 1lb? True story! We finished with "100 abs" where we did 25 regular crunches, 25 right sided crunches, 25 left sided crunches, and 25 reverse crunches. The ab portion took all of 2 minutes so I think I may incorporate that in to my daily routine.

The biggest thing I learned from tonight is this: If there are other people watching me I'm going to move my fat @$$ a little faster and go a little harder. I've always thrived in the group setting because someone is there holding me accountable. So peeps if your needing a little extra motivation - Try out a group workout. It was pretty fun (I thought otherwise when that skinny ass chick made me do burpees) and kicked my butt!

Love - KL

Monday, October 1, 2012

Odontophobia...OH NO!

So I have been having this hellacious pain on the right side of my mouth for the past few days. I can't touch my teeth together and I can't touch the outside of my cheek. So tomorrow it's off to the dentist I go.

I, like many of you I'm sure, have a serious fear of the dentist. I'll tell you my story:

Five years ago, I was  planning a wedding and trying to get all my medical visits up to date while still under my parents insurance. I went to the dentist I would normally see and upon entering I'm told, "Dr. L retired you are seeing Dr. N today." Ok that's fine, weird that they didn't tell me when I made the appointment, but fine. After Xrays and the other routine junk I'm told ALL my old fillings have to be replaced AND I have THREE new cavities! I was in shock because I was very meticulous about brushing my teeth and had been cavity free for many years. So in December of 2007 I had 8 teeth on the right side of my mouth worked on. I was in the chair for 5 hours and had at least 8 shots of lidocaine. When the numbness wore off I had intense pain. I had to take Percocet for a month. (I had my appendix taken out and didn't even have take any of the strong stuff...WTF). I was in severe pain for several months following that procedure. I was scheduled to go back in January 2008 to get the left side of my mouth worked on but at that point I said HELL NO!

I got a copy of my Xrays and records and had 2 second opinions both of which told me I didn't need to have any of my fillings replaced and I had NO new cavities. On top of that, this dentist office had maxed out my yearly coverage for 2007 TO THE DOLLAR! And I'm sure would have maxed out my coverage for 2008 had I let them. I was in pain for months for nothing!!!

So long story short, I'm scared shitless of the dentist! I have serious anxiety about tomorrow's visit. The last time I saw him I had a full blown panic attack, tears and hyperventilating included. Geez this is going to suck!

So because I can't touch my teeth together and it's excruciating to eat anything on the right side of my mouth I'm having mashed potatoes and gravy and a milkshake for dinner tonight. Don't judge me, my face hurts! I also missed my workout because the thought of bouncing up and down at Zumba makes me nauseous. I'll just have to work out extra hard the rest of this week.

Any extra prayers or good juju you can send my way would be muy apreciado!

Love - KL