Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In

Hey Hey Hey! So it's Wednesday and I must say I was dreading weighing in this morning. I was terrible this weekend and who can blame me...I mean seriously there was wedding cake and did I mention free wine?? I stepped on to the scale this morning w/ my eyes closed praying it wouldn't say too much of a gain. Lucky me no change from last week!!! Better than a gain right. So as of right now I weigh 176.

Ok I have a complaint - Khaki pants are seriously the hardest of all pants to find. They are the perfect paint color, the house that is both affordable and huge, and the multimillion dollar job that requires you to do nothing of the pants world! Listen here's the thing...I have big thighs and hips. My waist not so much. This is how my body is and has always been even when I was skinny. AND I'm pretty sure that is the way a woman's body is supposed to be...but I digress...  So to find a pant that fits me in the legs means major gapping in the waist. Yesterday I wore khaki pants to work and by the end of the day they had stretched so bad I had front butt. You know what I'm talking about. The crotch was so freaking baggy I could have smuggled a small animal in there. SOOO if anyone out in the blogging world knows of any khaki pants that fit real people, send me a message!

Here's a random picture for your viewing pleasure of my "kids":

Hope your week is fabulous! Love - KL

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