Thursday, September 27, 2012

All about the Apps!

I finished week 1 of C25K (yesterday actually) and I feel accomplished! My phone was blasting Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" on the my last run leg and I brought it in both fists in the air Rocky style.  So far its really not getting easier but my pace did get faster and I finished quicker than day 1.

How do I know this you might ask? Because I'm completely obsessed with Apps. For my runs I use, the C25K Free app, map my run, and pandora all at the same time. Yeah, I've decided my phone is definitely female because it can multitask like a biotch! 

Here's a look at the C25K app. I love it because you don't have to have it open for it to work. It chimes and tells you when to run and when to walk, so its pretty much a no brainer. The only thing I'm not fond of is the perky chick thats the voice behind the app. I need like Jillian Michaels telling me "RUN and unless you puke, faint, or die keep going,"  or "move your ass." You know what I'm saying??

Map my run uses GPS to track your routes so you can see the distance you went, your total time, and your pace. It's pretty sweet as well. My favorite stations on Pandora are Pop Fitness Radio, Dance Cardio Radio,  and Pop and Hip Hop Power Radio. All pumped up music to keep you going until the end of your workout.

On a similar but different note. The new headphones from apple are the bombdizzle! The traditional ear buds always hurt my left ear (yes, only the left one) but these fit awesome! Try them out!

In other app news my sister told me about an App, Zombie Run, which is sort of an interactive running game. Check out this link: Only down side its $7.99 on Itunes...maybe I'll wait till I get gifted another itunes card...and until I have a reasonable chance of not getting eaten by Zombies since I run super slow! 

Peace Out! Love - KL

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday and Zumba

I'm down 2lbs from last week!! I'm trying to go about this weight loss with more of the "liftestyle change" approach so any weight loss is G-REAT!

This week I taught Zumba twice. I just have to say if you haven't tried it, you need to!!! Its a workout in disguise. Almost 4 years ago my friend Chelsea and I experienced our first Zumba class. We were both nervous and felt super awkward at first, but as the music played, we started sweating, and laughing, and having a super fun time. Before we knew it the workout was over and we were both sore the next day.

Chelsea and I were both from a town that had not experienced the Zumba phenom yet so we got certified and started our own classes. It was one of the scariest things I've ever done. I had to step outside myself and it took a lot of courage to shake my ass in front of a bunch of people I went to high school with! As the months wore on our classes got bigger and our waist lines got smaller. We ended up opening our own studio and hiring other instructors. I ended up losing almost 35lbs.

Then things started to get tough. I was never home, my normal job, and my "fun" job started becoming too much. We were trying to sell our house and I was traveling over an hour 1 way to teach my classes. I felt like my life was spinning out of control. I took a step back and reliquished the business to Chelsea. I was so stressed and overwhelmed I just completely reverted to my old lifestyle. I was just too dang tired to work out and I put whatever was convenient in to my mouth (which unfortunately was a lot of fast food).

A year and a half later, I've started getting back in to teaching Zumba again. I let Chels handle the business aspect of things and I help teach the classes. I LOVE teaching with my friend. We have so much fun together. Zumba makes me feel like someone totally different than my normal self. It makes me feel sexy and fun. I love being in front of the group where I can feed off their energy and lend them my own. It inspires me!

I'm seroius get out there and try a class. I promise that you WILL feel lost and nervous and shy your first class. But once you get the hang of it you will feel SO accomplished! If your like me and the thought of working out makes you want to crawl in a hole and hide, Zumba is for you. You wont even know your working out! Check out some old pics from back in our early Zumba days:

Our very first certification class 2009

 2nd certification class and much littler! 2011 I think

Party in Pink Breast Cancer Benefit 2010 or 11 I can't remember!

Let the good times roll - Love KL

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weddings, Babies, Football, Challenges OH MY!

So I have slacked a little in the post department but we had a super busy few days! One of my hubby's best friends got married over the weekend. It was a beautiful ceremony, right on the river, and we had PERFECT weather! We went to the reception afterwards and had a good time but....

Apparently everyone we know now has children. I think we were asked about 20 times if we had kids yet and when we answered no, they asked us "WHY NOT?" I was floored that people have the balls to ask that question. Replies kept running through my head alongs the lines of:

"Do you have a job?" no "Well why not?"
"Do you have a house?" no "Well why not?"

I mean seriously people that is just hurtful...for all they know we have been trying to have kids and can't, or we don't want to have kids, or we have had 3 miscarriages, or maybe we just aren't ready... Needless to say the hubs and I felt very left out of the baby club. I should write a book, "things not to ask those married without kids" I'll make the subtitle "dumbasses"

In other news, I might have mentioned that I am a HUGE Green Bay Packer fan. I just have to put it out there that Monday nights game was the worst officiated game I have ever seen!!! The Pack got totally jipped! I'd like to kick those refs in the ballsack!

In other, other news, I follow several blogs and one in particular is "Fitness Unscripted." They currently have an online weight loss challenge that anyone can participate in. Need a little motivation? Need a little accountability? Then this is for you. Here is a link to the post:

As a bonus here are a couple pictures from this weekend:

Me and the hubs


Love! -KL

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I hate running!

Day 1 week 1 of couch to 5k complete! Maybe one of these days I'll be that person that is like oh I love running it's so addictive but today is not that day!

Today is my "day off" (nevermind that I have to teach a class and see 2 patients tonight) and I really wanted to be lazy. It took me a few hours to get motivated and unfortunately that meant I was running in the middle of the day. Fortunately the weather has been awesome here the last few days! I started out on my little venture thinking "ahh feel the breeze", "this song is awesome", " I'm a superstar." Thirty minutes later I was like "it's hot as hell", "the chick on this app who keeps telling me to run is a biotch", "I'm totally NOT sexy and I know it"!

But I finished it! And my sweet doggie congratulated me when I got home!

Side note: Why is it every time I get about 1/2 way through a run I have to pee like right then?? It's really irritating!

Until next time - Love KL

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

Whew I got my Wednesday post in 9 minutes before the day was over. I'm biting the bullet and posting my actual weight AND my current pictures which will hopefully very soon be my "before" pictures. This is very scary for me so if you plan on being negative or mean you might as well leave my blog now.

Weight: 180

Hopefully the last time I ever see it! 

Love KL

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And so it begins....

Ever have one of those days when you feel like the world is against you? Today was one of those days...

My day started at the buttcrack of dawn with a full (and I mean freaking full) patient load. I needed caffeine bad, like don't talk to me or I will claw your eyes out anyway....I get to McDonalds and order a small nonfat sugar free vanilla latte and that is it.... I get to the window and they park me. Um hello this girl needs her mother f'in coffee! I proceed through the day with the best of intentions to stick to my diet, and somehow I did, but not without a crapton of temptations.

I have this coworker who is about 8 1/2 months pregnant (and she still looks awesome, damn her!) who is apparently feeling the maternal urge early and insists on bringing baked goods to work on a weekly basis. So today it was cookies....but alas I resisted!

Then my husband tells me that our sweet neighbor lady sent over a fresh made from scratch apple pie....WHY TODAY??? WHY NOT TWO DAYS AGO WHEN I WAS STILL IN FAT MODE???? I really wanted some of it....but alas I resisted!

The bright spot in my day: On Tuesdays I teach a group workout class, so at least exercise was a no brainer. Four lovely ladies joined me for a crossfitesque workout. Check it out:

Round 1: 10 reps of each 
Round 2: 15 reps of each
Round 3: 20 reps of each

100 m run
wall balls w/ 10# ball
100 m run
lunges w/ 10# ball
sumo squats w/ 10# ball
100 m run
7# kettlebell swing
10# bar overhead carries
100 m run

UGH! I am out of shape...I made it through but I was dying on the runs....hopefully will do better next time!

Even though I had a day from temptation hell I still managed to stay within my calorie range. Here's what I did:

small nonfat sugar free vanilla latte 150 calories
Emerald Breakfast to Go (OMG these are amazing!) 200 calories

Healthy choice Steamers General Tso's Spicy Chicken 300 calories
Unsweet tea

Banana  100 calories
unsweetened applesauce 50 calories

Italian dressing marinated chicken breast 225 calories
steamfresh mixed veggies 100 calories

Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt (Get this seriously) 100 calories

Total Today: 1225 calories  GO ME!

Lesson for the day: You don't need those calorie loaded empty foods to make you feel good....go work your ass off and you'll feel better!

Until next time - 

Love KL

Monday, September 17, 2012

Now Blog it out

Hello Blogging world! I'm new to this whole adventure of writing about myself. Likely I will forget to blog consistently but I really need some motivation and inspiration (more about that later).

A little about me: I am a 26 year old wife and dog mom to a sweet lab, Kate, and a spunky cavalier king charles spaniel, Abby. 

My husband and I live in small town USA in Southern Missouri. I spend way too much time at my day job as a physical therapist. I love to sew, cook, and do crafty things. I love sports and am uber competitive (GO PACKERS! GO CARDS!)

Isn't my husband cute?!?!?!

So the real purpose of this little blogventure (I just like making up words w/ "blog" in them) is my goal to be fit. Hell, lets get real I want to be SKINNY! I have this little problem called complete lack of motivation. I need someone or lots of someones to keep me accountable. I need to see my progress and be able to look back and see the struggles I went through. I am so sick of all those blogs that are like....losing weight was so easy for me. I worked out for 15 hours a day and ate 3 pieces of spinach and now I'm a body builder. Lets get real, in the real world it doesn't quite work like that. 

So here's my plan: 

1200 calorie a day diet - keeping the carbs to a minimum (at least at first)
C25K - because I really want to get my ass across the finish line in a 3.1 mile race and not feel like I just died
Mix and match workouts - I teach Zumba (I know, a fat happens) 2 days a week and that is pretty much where the buck stops! I want to try my hand at all different types of workouts....we'll see how that goes....

This is crazy scary but I'm going to post "before" pics and "the numbers" later in the week....once I work up the nerve.