Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm back!!!

Hey lovely ladies! I'm back. I've been out of commission for a while. I know, I know major fail but...sue me! I have been ridiculously, stupidly busy for the past month or so. I also got sick off my butt last week! UGH!

So here's the scoop. I'm down to 171 lbs. WHOOT! I'm 1 lb away from a 10 lb goal and will post a new "body" picture soon.

It has gotten freaking cold in Missouri. I had to break out a bunch of my winter clothes and one thing I decided is my clothes just don't feel good. Of course I want all of the health benefits associated w/ weight loss but I'm really freaking tired of my clothes not fitting good. I hate that my stomach feels tight and my thighs rub together. I am bound and damned determined to feel better in my clothes!

In other news, we joined a new gym. It's a 24 hour facility that uses your fingerprint for access (big money here in small town USA). They do 2-3 classes every night which I'm really looking forward to. When we went to sign up they were doing this ladies only class and everyone was singing at the top of their lungs. It made me really freaking excited.

Tonight I did a pilates class and here's the good thing: I was able to do it all. Here's the bad thing: I looked (and felt) like a beached whale while doing it. We warm up with a little mat work which was all fine and dandy and then the instructor says ok everyone grab an exercise ball. I'm new to the class so I let everyone get theirs first and I end up with a ball thats half freaking deflated. I sit on it and sink about a foot below the rest of the class. Here I am trying to do all the exercises with my shrimpy ass exercise ball. We ended up sitting and balancing on the ball with feet off the ground for 3 minutes (thank you Jesus for the half deflated ball!!) and I kid you not, the lady in front of me fell off hers and took out about half the class, while I sat with perfect balance because my rear was sunk so far in to the ball it wasn't going anywhere! But ya know I feel really good after the class. I can tell I'm going to be sore (holy hamstrings!) and I think I rediscovered my abs (they are under there somewhere right?!?)

Since I checked in with you all, I have continued running but haven't been to the gym. It was nice to get back in to the game! ANDDDD for your viewing pleasure a picture to end the night with:

Have a fantabulous week! I promise I'll be a better blogger :)

Love Lunday

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