Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in

171 bishes! I'm just excited that the number keeps falling!
Yes, I know it has been slow.
No, I'm not going to let any naysayers rain on my parade about it!

I have done the fad diets. I have done the quick weight loss and guess what: I AM STILL FAT!
That's because I didn't make a lifestyle change.
I made an I need to fit in to that damn bridesmaid's dress change.

But guess what peeps: I'm changing my life.

Today I took another exercise class at our new gym. It was the first time in a long time I didn't cringe when thinking about going to work out. I took my clothes to work because I knew I would be rushed and honestly I think that kept me from overthinking it too much. I just threw on my clothes and went! Tonight was Zumba. Yes, you're right, I am in fact a Zumba instructor. And I LOVE to teach it. But sometimes it is really fun to be in the back, looking like a fool, and laughing my butt off while I'm doing it. Sometimes it's nice not to have the pressure. So tonight was fun. Two songs were the same that I teach, completely different choreo of course and I almost broke in to my version half way, but I caught myself! hehe!

I have to let you guys know about something else I've been doing. I'm following and if you don't, you should. She is freaking hilarious! Well one day she had a link to a holiday challenge. I signed up and now 5 of us from all over the world weigh in together each week as the "Tough Turkeys". You know you are jealous of our awesome group name It has been one of the things that has definitely kept me motivated. Every time I want to cheat I tell myself, "You can't! You have to weigh-in and you don't want to make your group suck!" So my advice - find a group, find an accountability partner, post your weight on your bathroom wall for your husband to see I'm just kidding don't do that one. It will suprise you how much of a motivator that can be!

And finally.....I need more followers! Again more accountability! Please share with your friends. Please subscribe. If and when I get 25 followers, I will have a giveaway. And it will be a good one too!

Peace out! Love Lunday

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